We are a team specialised in research and design of
textile solutions. Trame is a quilting and embroidering lab
for the processing, transformation and recycling of fabrics.



Fabric is culture.
It is culture when produced, worn,
when it furnishes. It is visual, popular culture,
tradition, innovation. It is part of our identity.
Laboratorio Trame promotes this culture,
exploring the relation between visual tradition
and modern identity, favouring
innovation and experimentation processes.

We are avant-gardists, perfectionists,
idealists, non-conformists.


The Laboratory’s works are distinguished in
four application fields: furnishing, leather goods,
clothing and footwear.

Interdisciplinarity and experience allow us
to develop cross-cutting solutions and integrate ideas
and technologies, for a final product able to
produce the desired effect and results.

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3D fabrics
Transformations and recycling
Textile research

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Laboratorio Trame does not boast a specific style,
but rather a peculiar approach to projects.
We establish a relation based on dialogue and collaboration
with the customer, translating its needs
in custom handicraft processes and textile solutions.

Our approach is systematic, hands-on,
the result of a design method
in which textile and product design constantly
dialogue with each other.

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via Gabbiano 16-18 Z.I.le S.Scolastica
64013 Corropoli (TE)
equity capital € 10.000 i.v.

Telephone +39 0861 195 34 64
Style Office +39 392 61 23 887
Production +39 392 57 32 380

For the Tuscany region:
Rappresentanze tessili Vannucchi
Viale della Repubblica 279, Prato
Telefono  +39 0574 574700

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